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"People throw rocks at things that shine." So, please don't throw it on me.
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This is a great blog to follow, seriously


This is a great blog to follow, seriously

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This one is just too cute for words > Persian

This one is just too cute for words > Persian

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“I just like hanging out with you all the time.”

Its only a day but it feels like a whole week. How does it feels? It feels like i’m lost. I lost my universe. Damn

Ncah, Hari ini aku langsung pulang abis bel smile aku nurut kan. Hehehe
Oh iyaa tapi aku ke tangcit sebentar beli masker+washing foam. Huehe abis aku item bgt gara2 acara race1st itu, sedangkan 2minggu lagi mau ketemu kamu sama ibu kamu!! \(˚☐˚!!)/ \(!!˚☐˚)/
Yaudah makanya harus bersih+bening tongue
Tapi abis dr situ aku langsung pulang kok. Oh iya hari ini #RED nya taylor swift keluar! Ini aku mau ke bawah terus download yayyy. Gimana disana? Have fun bgt yah kayanya. Tau ga sih tiap berapa menit sekali aku on twitter sekedar cek kamu on atau ga dan kebanyakan hasilnya nihil. Well, i guess you’re having a good time without me :) 

Aku masih blm kebiasa kaya gini, rasanya kaya gapunya siapa siapa. Rasanya kaya gada temen buat ngadu apa aja kejadian hari ini. Mau ngapa2in ga mood, gada semangat, ngomong aja males. Ya tuhaaan cepet pulang……………. 

Aku tinggal dulu yah, cepet pulang ncah. I miss you, xoxo

Ps: Dear whoever who read this, feeling like wanna throw up because of “that-drama-scene” on this post? Then just close my page cause i dont even care with you.

Malam pertama tanpa kamu, pahit. All I do was laying and crying while hugged martie. Hugged martie somehow just made me crying louder. So I tried to chat dinda for made me forget this pain for a while, but unexpectly you’re the one that keep spinning on my mind. Perhaps its good if i close my eyes and go to sleep, so I could meet you in my dream. Nite ncah‹з.

Ps: I’ve wrote this on my phone note on 21st Oct, then copy to my tumblr on 22nd Oct.

Im the 20% of people. Cause im fifteen and have already met the person im going to marry.

Im the 20% of people. Cause im fifteen and have already met the person im going to marry.

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HI! Long time i haven’t post any “text-content” on my blog. So here we go!

Uhm..what’s im gonna write. Hm………. my activites lately didn’t too interesting. My school life all over was pretty good. So far I’ve never had a score under KKM on exams. Wish i still can maintain my score until final exam o:) But honestly, i’ve never been study really hard on this year. Even i can count how many i’ve studied at home. Hehehehe wish i could throw my laziness away and start something more productive.

Being a social student made me enjoyed my school life. I’ve never found any serious problem on lessons. Sometimes i found any problems but still its just a little that i can still manage it well. Especially on Economy and Math. The teachers was really bad on explaining so i didnt get the point. But blame it on the teachers seems just not right. So, blame it on my self for too slow to catched something, aka lemot. Pfft

AND! The most happily part is i’ve so manyyyyy free time!!! So far i always spending my free time with him. So glad i have you whenever i needed <3

Anw, i have to go. Bye!

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